YOU Can Build a Boat!

From Friday afternoon August 22 through Sunday August 24, the Connecticut River Museum will hold its first-ever CRM 12 Boatbuilding Workshop.  Families, groups, and business teams will all gather with volunteer instructors to build a very special boat, the CRM 12, a Bevins Skiff modified to be evocative of the thousands of sharpies and skiffs that filled the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound during the 19th century.

Builders will start with a very complete kit that includes all the wood, fastenings, hardware and adhesives needed to build the CRM 12 in just 2 1/2 days.

Why join us and build a CRM 12?

— It’s fun.  Building  a natural object made to flow through the water with your own hands is a great experience.  Launching one of your own is a real thrill.

— You’ll learn a lot.  Even though the Bevins is a simple-to-build boat that uses modern materials, it’s a boat, and boats are all curves.  That means you’ll learn new skills and woodworking techniques.

— You’ll have  a GREAT boat when you’re done.  The Bevins is a terrific rower, can be converted to sail, and is as tough as the nails it’s built with.

Connecting to the River

There’s a another great reason to build a CRM 12 — it was specifically chosen to take us all back to the days when boats very much like it were the cars, pickup trucks and taxis of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound.  It’s built with bronze nails — hundreds of them.  And as you hammer away we hope you’ll think of the families, fishermen, and farmers that relied on the River and Sound as their essential highway in the days long before I-95.

This site we’ll give you more information about the CRM 12 Bevins skiff, tell you more about the Boatbuilding Workshop and how to sign up, and show you how two Museum volunteers built the prototype boat.

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Kits for the Boatbuilding Workshop are provided by the Alexandria Seaport Foundation.  ASF operates from facilities based on the Potomac River waterfront in historic Alexandria, Virginia.  Since 1993, ASF’s primary focus has been to use traditional boat building to help at-risk and disadvantaged youth improve their lives. By using these kits, the Connecticut River Museum is helping to support this valuable program.

CRM at Museum CRM Chris 2


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